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Rrreefs Workshop: Building 3D Printed Artificial Reefs

Some shots of other volunteers and I working ex- and in-situ to construct the modular-style base structure  for Rrreef's artificial reef.


September 20201 I had the opportunity to be a part of a coral reef restoration workshop hosted by Phanor Montoya-MayaCorales de Paz - Buceo con Propósito, and the rrreefs team. I and 14 other volunteers from around the world learned about the plight of coral reefs, modern restoration practices, and the direction the field is moving towards. During hands-on training we gained experience in maintaining coral nurseries, micro-fragmentation, and coral out planting.

We also helped construct rrreefs's artificial reef system, which is made up of 3D-printed clay bricks. The purpose of this artificial reef is to increase the amount of hard-bottom substrate for coral larvae to attach to, and to increase the 3D structural complexity of the habitat. This structure and those created by archiREEF Limited serve as a proof-of-concept and a pilot from which valuable information will be gained and used to inform the designs of future artificial reef structures.

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