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Archaeometric Analysis: Suwannee Point from the Ryan-Harley site

During my undergraduate at Texas A&M University I found a second home in the Anthropology department where I assisted Ph.D. fellow Morgan Smith of the Center for the Study of the First Americans with his project data, worked with Ph.D. candidate Laura White  with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology to obtain my Scientific Diver certification under the American Academy of Underwater Sciences and learned of archaeometric methods with Ph.D. candidate Christopher Dostal of the Nautical Archaeology Program


In Dostal's course I was introduced to pragmatic approaches to remote sensing methods such as photogrammetry, LiDAR, XRF, and 3D modeling to preform analysis of artifacts. For the course I preformed an archaeometric analysis on a fluted point that was excavated from the Ryan-Harley site which at the time, I was conducting a fabric analysis for using GIS. 

Below is the full report:

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