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After completing university I packed my bag, flushed out my savings account and bought a plane ticket to southeast Asia. I toured for 16 weeks and enjoyed experience after experience, surrounded by unfamiliar cultures and new environments every single day. As my return date loomed closer I made the decision to return to Asia and try life abroad for awhile.


"Do it while you're still young with no responsibilities!"

I am grateful for having had this experience; every day is  a new challenge whether it's struggling to understand culture differences, attempting to learn Mandarin, or working in a vastly foreign environment. Without challenges, how would one expect to learn? The way I see it, I'm getting smarter everyday.

This page contains a few articles documenting my experience while in China as well as guidance for some if interested in teaching abroad.

My Senior 1 kiddos preforming their version of Martin Luther King's 'I Have A Dream' speech at Shenzhen's First English Speaking Competition. They took home first prize :)

These cool cats.

Here's a video created by a good friend explaining CIPTC!

After completing my appointment with CPTIC in Shenzhen, China I moved south to Hong Kong where I worked at the University of Hong Kong. While there I was able to meet some really selfless and motivated young adults who created an educational group for Form 2 students in Hong Kong. I spent some time during the summer of 2018 volunteering within an AIESIC sponsored English camp called DoEd Beta Camp as a foreign facilitator. After being paired up with an awesome local facilitator and 7 inspiring kids, we explored Hong Kong and it's culture.


Check out the recap videos or explore our experience via Instagram, For questions regarding DoEd Beta Camp or AIESIC in Hong Kong, I highly recommend getting in touch with either Catherine or Ivan via email.

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