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TagLab: Support for Point Annotations

Authors: Gaia Pavoni, Jordan Pierce, Clinton B. Edwards, Massimiliano Corsini, Vid Petrovic, Paolo Cignoni

Proceeding for the 2024 ISPRS conference in Las Vegas, Nevada (presented by yours truly). The goal of the project was to introduce functionality to TagLab that would allow for some intercompatibility within the ecosystem of software used by coral reef ecologists for annotating their imagery data. Other popular software include VISCORE and CoralNet.

Gaia, Massimiliano, and Paolo (i.e., the TagLab Trio) added support for point annotations (in addition to the already existing segments or polygon annotations). This functionality alone makes the software more enticing for many ecologists simply because they can do all their annotations in the same place now; throw in some automatic point annotation tools and it's a brand new release.

At NCCOS, specifically MIR, we added some tools from the CoralNet-Toolbox into TagLab, including the ability to upload orthomosaic tiles to a source, and use the CoralNet Model Deploy API within TagLab. Users can select the Source to upload their own imagery data, and the Source containing the model they want to use to make predictions. Behind the scenes we handle dealing with CoralNet, and import the predictions back into TagLab for the user.

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